Rehearsals are at Hoylake and are held on Tuesday evenings, except when we have a particularly challenging programme on and extra evenings are added! We start at 7:30pm, finishing around 10pm.

Details of which pieces are being played, which players are required, any sectionals or pre-concert extra sessions are circulated by email.

If you play with the orchestra and don’t receive regular emails, please get in touch with your section leader.

Players in the Wirral Symphony Orchestra enjoy taking part in rehearsals with guest conductors.

Gwen Cawdron* shared her interpretations of Bruch “Romanze for Viola & orchestra” and Stamitz “Viola Concerto in D”in preparation for “The Road Less Travelled” in April 2024.

Jonathan Aasgaard* worked on Shostakovich Symphony No. 1 and Walton’s Cello Concerto with the strings in January 2024 in preparation for Youth and Maturity in March 2024.

Stephen Threlfall* gave the orchestra great insight into the background, structure and emotions of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 1, when he rehearsed their introduction to the piece in December 2023.

Bedwyn Lloyd Phillips* rehearsed Smetana and Dvořák with the full orchestra in June 2023 in preparation for “Slavonic Rhapsody” in July 2023.
Thelma Handy* shared Baroque techniques with the strings in March 2023 in preparation for the “Baroque Masters” concerts in France and the UK in 2023.
Helen Thomas* focussed on the “Baroque Masters” programme in December 2022 in preparation for WSO performances in both the UK and France during 2023.
Michael Small* took the orchestra through “A London Symphony” by Vaughan Williams in March 2022” in preparation for their “Jubilee Celebration” in June 2022.
Mihkel Kerem* worked on “Die Fledermaus” by Strauss with the strings in January 2022.

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